Classes & Series

In addition to our regular classes listed here, each month there are different Workshops & Specialty Courses with core faculty and visiting teachers.

  • A lunch-time class with senior teacher Eric Small. Refreshments will follow the class.

    Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Regular class prices apply.

  • This class is designed for those who wish to begin or sustain an Iyengar Yoga practice at a slower pace than our Level 1 classes. Ideal for seniors, those who need extra time getting into and out of poses and those who tend to fatigue more quickly, this class focuses on the foundations of Iyengar Yoga – proper alignment, balance, increased mobility, stamina and strength. Each one hour and fifteen minute session includes a seated meditation, detailed instruction in asana and a period of deep relaxation. Props will be used to facilitate balance, promote flexibility and increase confidence. Sequences of poses will foster a greater sense of mental clarity and well-being.

    Although this is not a therapeutics class, it may be appropriate for those recovering from illness or injury who are looking to restart their practices. Please discuss your condition with the teacher to determine whether it is appropriate.

  • An all-levels class which brings Iyengar Yoga within reach of our entire community. A special price for this class allows everyone to transform their lives with the study of Iyengar Yoga. Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, you are welcome.

  • A foundation for learning the whole scope and depth of the Iyengar method is taught in standing poses, shoulderstand, other fundamental postures, and breath awareness. This class is for beginners.

  • A bridge between the Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Introduction and expanded study of more intermediate poses (including headstand) and pranayama is taught. Not for beginners.

  • Continuous study of the standing poses and basic postures with further refinement. A minimum of six months of Iyengar yoga experience is suggested.

  • A more intense practice of the Level 2 poses will be taught while introducing more challenging poses and sophisticated pranayama. Inversion variations will be strengthened at this level.

  • A deeper refinement of the practice is cultivated. Level 3 classes are for the students who are experienced in the method of Iyengar yoga and confident in the practice of inversions. Self-directed practice of Iyengar Yoga is expected. While help is offered, students are expected to know how to manage their limitations.

  • The neck and shoulders are two of the most commonly stressed and injured parts of the body. So much of our modern lifestyle- working on computers, driving cars, carrying purses and backpacks, as well as overall tension and poor posture -contributes to stiffness and soreness in these areas. This class will focus on poses that will help keep the neck and shoulders supple, strong, and healthy. Students of all levels and experience are welcome.

  • Pranayama involves breathing techniques that are learned in a safe progressive manner. The pranayama class is an all-level class that will review breath awareness for beginners while introducing and reinforcing pranayama techniques for those wishing to establish a consistent pranayama practice.

  • The calming and resting benefits of the poses are cultivated through the support of props, enabling the student to hold the poses for a longer duration. This class is perfect for rejuvenation and overcoming fatigue at the end of the week. A minimum of six months of Iyengar yoga experience is recommended.

  • B.K.S. Iyengar's innovations of yoga using wall ropes enables the student to open the body and delve deeper into many poses, hold poses longer, learn correct alignment, and safely approach inversions and some of the more advanced poses.

    Six months of regular Iyengar Yoga study and familiarity with sirsasana (headstand) are required.

  • for ages 6-12
    with Koren Paalman